Want to win a great prize? Have an awesome family meal?


Enter now!

Today we're launching our Career Path Cookoff! Every submission is guaranteed a prize* with one winner gaining both the entry prize and their choice of kitchen equipment** (Air Fryer, Instapot, Kitchen Aid, etc).

How to Enter:

  • Submit a video to the email at the bottom of this page of you cooking a meal with your family (by submitting a video you are stating you’ve read and agree to our Terms and Conditions)

  • Video submissions are due by 5/29 and will be posted on our website for voting, the video with the most votes wins

  • Your video must include the following:

    • Step by step process of your family preparing and cooking a meal as well as the ingredients in it

    • Your family should be involved in some way (be creative, never underestimate the importance of taste testers!

Submit your videos to the following email (and by submitting your videos via this email, you are stating you’ve read and agree to our Terms and Conditions):

*Entry prizes may vary in type and size based on votes accrued in contest.

**Kitchen Equipment selected must be approved by Career Path Services before rewarded.

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